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Susan Riley

Years of experience: 17
Position: Co-founder

Ms. Riley's experience includes Bank Operations, Enterprise-wide IT and Compliance (BSA/AML, etc.), Human Resources, Security, Mobile Banking and other new bank technology, training and management.

Mark Riley

Years of experience: 36
Position: Co-founder

After 35 years in banking with positions that included Director, President, & CEO, Mr. Riley has provided bank consulting as well as forensic research and Expert Witness work including depositions and testimony.

Having led high performing banks, we know even the best banks have inefficiencies in their operations. Often this is the result of new regulations or software upgrades in which well meaning staff retain the old ways and layer the new requirements on top, creating bottlenecks or other impediments to smooth efficiencies. We’ll identify the inefficiencies and suggest steps to streamline your operations to include updating policies and procedures and training staff.

 We have been through several economic cycles and recognize management’s need to tighten up its oversight, make difficult staff decisions and in some cases, position their bank to sell. All of this adversely impacts employee morale and productivity. We’ll identify the strengths and weaknesses of your bank’s management team and focus on the internal impediments that hinder your staff from doing a great job.

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