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Bank Consulting Project Examples

Client Banks

  • Analyzed Operations and Retail Banking to identify areas of improvement in operating efficiencies. Identified over 20 specific tasks or processes to modify or eliminate to achieve goals
  • Reviewed BSA/AML weaknesses and assisted in correcting deficiencies to eliminate regulatory concerns
  • Created Bank-specific Policies and Procedures
  • Created Investor Presentation to support Capital Campaign
  • Asset Liability (ALCO) analysis and recommendations for compliance with regulatory concerns

Client - Investors

  • Performed Due Diligence of target bank that included analysis of loan portfolio, operations, IT and staffing
  • Performed Loan Due Diligence of target bank
  • Performed Operations, Investment and Human resources analysis as part of a due diligence team

Clients - Bank Customers

  • Retained by highly successful small business to identify new bank to support their growth
  • Retained by investor to contact banks to identify specific bank-owned properties for purchase.